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Lolita with Pride

Get used to it.
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This community invites lolitas of all races, gender, and sexual orientation to join! O: Scandalous.

I hope to promote PLUR good between everyone in this community. You are welcome to post stories, questions, and such like. (No biographies, though. I don't think people will be comfortable learning your life story.) Everyone needs support now and then, right?

+ Harassment of any sort will not be tolerated. You will be banned without warning. I don't care if your mom made you or you were dared or you were playing some kind of research for class. You will be banned. Jokes done in good taste are a fine line and is up to the discretion of the mod. If you toe the line, you will be given a warning. Three strikes and you're banned.

+ Respect others and yourself.

+ Please maintain civil conversation. I don't want anyone criticised for their lifestyle or anything else. You do not have the right to direct anyone else's life except your own. (Don't do God's work for him, yeah?) Debates are fine, but if it starts to get out of hand, warnings will be handed out like candy and comments will be frozen.

+ If you have photos bigger than 400x400 or an obscenely large amount of text, please place it under an LJ-cut. Nothing pornographic/anything that could scare small children.

+ No sales posts.

+ Posts are subject to removal without notice if deemed inappropriate. If your post is removed and you are wondering why, please look over the rules. If you still can't figure out why, then you are welcome to contact me.

Introductions are welcome!
Edit it how you please. (:



If there are any problems or concerns, feel free to PM one of the mods.

Additionally, this community is not referring to Nabokov's Lolita, but the fashion. If you're all "wtf"ing now, do pop over to egl.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of people, I must ask that you please be extremely careful if you want to meet up with someone. That is outside of my control aaaand... be responsible. Like. For serious. We're all adults here. Right? Follow Rules of the Interweb. /patronising